25 July 2012

Reverse bidding challenge

Time to do something a bit different. This is a reverse bidding challenge so rather than voting for the bid you'd make you vote for the situation you'd bid in.

Here's an example, all vul, imps and right hand opponent (first to act) opens some number of hearts:
A Q T 7 6
T 8 7
5 4
K Q 5

I would bid over a 1 opening but I wouldn't bid over 2 so I'll vote 2. See? You select the point at which you wouldn't bid.

Here's another example, this time partner was the dealer but passes and RHO opens spades:
K 3
A Q J T 7 6 3
A 9 4 2

Wow, what a hand. I'd definitely be bidding over 1, 2 and 3 spades and I think 4♠ too but I'd make a penalty double thereafter. Penalty doubles don't count for this challenge so I would be answering 5♠.

Everyone on board? Assuming openers bid is natural/pre-emptive you vote for the lowest opening you'd either pass or penalty double. Playing imps, all vul with the dealer on your left you see two passes and a diamond opening holding:

A J 5
J T 4
A 6
A K T 6 5

Where would you give up?


  1. I'd be overcalling 1D with 2C. 2D, 3D I make a takeout X. Over 4D I would double too, but it's possibly more penalty based now? At least I'd like it to be.

  2. Over 1,2 & 3D I bid NT. For X over 4D you will most likely need to be good with passing when partner bids a major. Partner's status as a passed hand scares me as our best major suit fit rates not to be that great. Still I think I have too much to pass, so I will X and hope for the best.

  3. I will double everything at 3D and above, probably making the minimal NT overcall otherwise (2C over 1D is a bit weird, Pieter!). Depending on who's on my right, I'll be somewhere between not very and very confident of hitting partner with 5M if it's a 3D or 4D opening. After (3D) X (P) 3M, a 3NT rebid looks good.