13 April 2011

The smallest things

Just a small bidding problem for you all today. You've very little so weren't really expecting to make a bid at all. That would have been quite ok; but, when forced, what will you do? The auction proceeds 1 on you left, double from partner, pass on your right:
8 7 4 3
T 2
Q 8 7 4
Q 7 3
If it's worth anything the game is matchpoint pairs and you've at unfavourable vulnerability. The debate is surely between your two suits, you weren't thinking 1NT were you?


  1. 1S.
    Guessing the right answer on the hand is 1D?

  2. 1♠ is clear as doubles focus on majors. As Meckwell used to say on their card, "support for unbid minors unclear".

    Of course 1♦ is better for the lead, but bidding the top suit takes priority.

  3. If I had two three cards to choose from (say I were 3=2=3=5), I would choose to advance 1D, in hopes that my bid would fail to excite partner. But with a four card major among my choices, advancing 1S seems pretty clear.

  4. I thought 1♠ was the normal action as well but what happens when the auction continues:
    (1C) - X - (/) - 1S - (2C) - X - (/) - ?
    It now seems right to bid 2♦ but will partner expect 5 spades?
    (Imagine partner holding AJx, AKJx, AJxx xx)

  5. Partner definitely shouldn't expect 5 spades for a forced 2D rebid. In fact IMO this could be 4S/5D. If partner doubled again and I held 5 spades I'd emphasise them by bidding them again (at the expense of bidding my 4-card diamond suit). We are sure to have a spade fit when I have 5.