04 July 2012

Missed my cue

The opponents can't see your cards.

It's easy to forget that and pretend that just because you can see the problem your opponents can too. With that in mind have a look at this hand:
A K Q 9 5
J 5
A 7 5 3 2

Here's the start to the auction:

1 Pass 11 Pass
22 Pass 33 Pass
4 Pass ?
  1. Transfer
  2. Natural but denies 3♠
  3. 2 would be non-forcing

Slam looks likely but what's the best way to get there? You could use keycard but if partner has two you're in six and might be off two cashing hearts.

You could cue your spades but partner is most likely to cue 5♣ and you don't know any more. Even without the ♣A you may have 12 tricks available.

I realised too late that, the best solution, was to cue my heart control.


  1. As long as it is clear to both you and your partner that you are the captain.

    Else, you mind yourself bidding 6 and partner raising to 7.

    1. Zia has been written up more than once for showing a void (usually through exclusion keycard/voidwood) with two small.

      As long as you've shown a void who would risk leading the Ace? When this hand came up there were 14 tricks available if you could avoid the fatal heart lead.