13 March 2012

110 to North/South ± 900

What is it that causes people to lose control? To wrath, to passion, to Gerber?

Boards like this next one do a fine job. All over the room seemingly controlled and disciplined players suddenly exploded into tangled auctions and aggressive doubles.

To get an average board North/South need to score +110:

Vul: All
Dealer: East
A K 8 4
K 7 3 2
K 5 4
A 4
T 9 7 5 3 2
T 4
9 8 6
9 3
A Q 9
A J T 2
K Q 8 6
J 8 6 5
Q 7 3
J T 7 5 2

+110 isn't unreasonable given 21 high card points and an 8 card major fit. But lets look at a smattering of real world scores:


On a board where, Deep Finesse will assure us, no contract above the two level can be made, where no-one has a wild shape and where the points are evenly split the scores vary from the median by 900 points in both directions.

What happened to me? Well I was West, holding the zero count, preparing to pass throughout when:

Pass Pass 1 X
Pass 1 1N X
2 ?

My first and second opportunities to squeak were about as exciting as picking up zero points. Is any one tempted to compete now? I was.

Pass Pass 1 X
Pass 1 1N X
2 2 Pass 2N
Pass 3 X End

Can't say I'm happy with how that turned out but the defense to legitimately defeat 3 is impossible to find (and homework for double dummy people!) and so I chalked up a 730 against our unfortunate North South.

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