19 January 2012

Bidding problem

Now that your new years resolutions aimed to avoid over bidding, over sacrificing and playing Gerber have worn off it's time for a bidding problem.

You hold:
6 5 4 2
A J 8 7
K 9 7 5

Lets say you're nil vul, 4th to act and playing Imps.

Pass 1 2 ?

If you double then tell us what you'll do over partners 3.


  1. I am passing three diamonds over the double.

  2. I'd consider 3S over 3D but I think all in all pass is the best option over 3D. Partner needs too specific of a hand to have a good shot at 3NT.

  3. I think this is slightly too good of a hand to pass the 3D bid, I really think I would bid a forward going 4D here. the 4th spade argues for partner to be short, the good diamonds and K of hearts are great cards, too easy to miss a game if you pass. Plus partner may bid 4H over 4D, which I think I would also pass

  4. Pass 3D? Really?

    Anonymous #4 is right on the money here. After the normal X, our hand is great after 3D. Can't pass that with such sharp and fitting cards. Raise to 4D sounds about right, and pass 4H if partner shows six good ones.