09 January 2012

Back to Bridge

After a short hiatus during which I played no bridge I'm back into it and so the blogging shall recommence. First event of my bridge year is the holiday pairs; a competition for those who couldn't afford a longer holiday.

Even after such a short break there's some rustiness about and Fe2O3 is always amusing. Consider the following...

A 7 6
A 8 5 4 2
K 6 2
K T 4
K 4
A K T 6 2
J T 5
3 2
7 6
5 3
A Q 9 8 7 4 3
Q J 9 8 5
Q J T 9
9 8 7 4

When East forgot to pre-empt West was allowed to kick off with a 13 - 15 no trump.

- - Pass Pass
1NT 2 Pass 2
Pass Pass 3 3

I considered my excellent heart suit worth a mention and showed one or both majors with 2. East still had some clubs in with their diamonds and passed allowing my partner to bid a spade preferring 2.

The auction from here actually makes sense so lets move to the play starting at Wests very reasonable J lead. Covered then covered again declarer ruffed and drew trumps in two rounds ending in hand.

The spade Queen caught the King under the Ace and now cleverly running the 7 of spades declarer set up the suit for no losers. West expecting the Knave had played low. All that remained was to discard the short diamond honours on the established spades and 12 tricks had rolled in.

Feel for the North who elected not to make a vulnerable overcall with such a powerful holding and led a baby heart at 1NT. Battered by seven rounds of clubs South didn't find the obscure defence of holding on to all four diamonds and so when the QJ dropped declarer took every trick.

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