20 October 2011

Swinging the axe?

Playing imps you hold:
T 3 2
A T 8 3
K Q T 9 6

All vulnerable you listen to this:

1 1 1 21
2NT Pass 3 Pass
3 Pass 4 Pass
Pass ?

  1. 3 card support, could be very weak

How many tricks do you think they're making?


  1. They'll make their contract with an over-trick.

  2. No reason to alert them to the heart break, if they're going down it's a fine score for your side as is.

  3. HBJ : Axeing this contract will alert them to your heart holding, which could steer them to the right line of play.
    Potentially you may a diamond trick ( although oppo's 3D bid may suggest otherwise ) and in hearts you can really only be certain of two.
    If partner has the 10/8 ( of diamonds you may be able to put him in for a club ruff, which could set the contract if diamonds miraculously hold up for two rounds.
    PASS therefore is my answer.

  4. I'm glad I have some support. I didn't double for all those reasons above.

    But you've got a suit that takes one loser to set up and declarer has tenuous trump control (the H8 is quite important). At the table it went down three.

  5. I would double. Any opponent who bids 1NT over 2D is unlikely to play the cards to maximum efficiency... :)


  6. @Pieter, right you are, updated to 2NT, sorry.