10 July 2011

Making a contract

Playing on BBO with 3 experts I'm in a match designed for my partner and I to practice our system and defense. We're scoring in IMPs and red against green. On this board my partner opened a club and East made a weak jump overcall, 2.

Blast! I have the perfect hand to penalize but there's no way to make a double stick. I do have 13 points though so I'll bid 3NT. West leads his partners suit as all long term partners who want to stay that way do and off we go:
K T 9 8
T 8
A K T 9 6 2
K J T 6 2
A 7 2
K Q 2
8 3
Partner is light on values but that club suit is a welcome sight. East wins the opening spade with the Ace and fires back a baby diamond. Double blast! That diamond was a good idea, I'll need to lose a trick to set up the clubs and running diamonds is going to ruin me. Given the 2 call was weak it's unlikely the A is on my right so lets hope for the Jack.

The 8 wins on the table, victory. Problem is the clubs may not break. I'm going to cross to hand and run the 8. I don't have an entry to finesse twice but if the defense want the diamond suit they'll have to give me one. The 8 wins pinning Easts 7 so now I cash Ace, King and exit the fourth round to West.
K T 9
T 9 6
7 2
I've lost the A and Q. West cashes the A and exits in hearts. With KT9 remaining if I rise I stand to lose the last two tricks but I can duck to create a tenace. The duck loses but the defense are out of steam, on any return I can claim the final four tricks.

That's 100 posts. It's taken me just over 9 months but I got there. Thank you to everyone who has read a post and especially to those who have taken the time to comment.


  1. "Raises bat, acknowledges crowd" ... congratulations on your century.

  2. Congrats on 100. Looking forward to the next 100.

  3. Congrats on 100 posts Daniel, been enjoying them.