15 April 2011

Bidding Challange #2

Since I'm in the mood for bidding challenges, here's another one. You're unfavourable, second seat and playing matchpoints (agreed, worst situation imaginable). You know you're about to get pre-empted because you pick up:
Q 6
Q 8
A J 7 4 3
Short Queens, lovely. RHO stares into her cards, sips her tea several times, and opens 4. Natural. Worse, you're in a field where most players play namyats or Texas transfers. Maybe no one else will have to deal with this.


  1. Double. The worst does not always happen. If they double four spades in a voice of thunder I may reconsider.

  2. HBJ speaking : interesting problem. If RHO is weak in defensive tricks she looks to have 8 diamonds leaving 3 outstanding betwen partner and your LHO. Assuming the split is 2-1 partner has 11 possibly 12 cards in the other 3 suits.
    A double therefore has merits but 4S from partner is not what I want to hear. I'm bidding 4 hearts knowing by partner's heart holding can deal with a force in diamonds.

  3. I'll pass. Just a little too high for me. Over 3D, I would try 3H (the Marshall Miles' four-card major suit overcall special, hoping for something like xxxx, Qxxxx, x, KQx opposite) ... but partners have been known to own a much less suitable seven count such as AKxxx, xxx, xx, xxx.

  4. When the old ladies (and old men) double against me with this hand, their pards always bid 4H. With me they always bid 4S.

    What if pard had KJxxx, xxx, xx, Kxx -- not unreasonable, yet in 4S we're off likely 2 spades, 2 diamonds and we have a round-suit loser to deal with.

    I know I'm getting old and conservative, but I think I'm with Jeff -- I pass.

  5. Pass. Then sigh and comment RHO on their successful pre-empt.