21 February 2011

Helping out the opponents

Whenever you light a wee fire and send smoke signals to partner the enemy are quietly watching. An opponent with keen ears and eyes will use that information against you to aid their bidding and play. There are lots of cases where the information leaked to the opponents costs far more than the bid is worth. Lets say you think I'm about to demean bidding Michaels on weak hands and hold:

K 5
9 7 5 4 3
A Q 7 6 2
I'm not going to do that, I have another target. My partner opens a weak 1NT and I dutifully transfer, partner bids 2 and I pass. I'm playing matchpoints, have only 9 highs, and if partner doesn't actually have a heart fit she could be off in 2NT. Blah blah, lots of ways to make myself like the decision.

But that's not how the auction went. What really happened was this:
Pass 1NT Pass 2
X 2 Pass ?
Well now. Partner is likely to have little wasted in diamonds and by bidding 2 she surely has a heart fit. This hand has changed completely. Now instead of a marginal invite I've got a raise to game!

K 5
9 7 5 4 3
A Q 7 6 2
Q J 8 6 3
Q T 8
A 6 4
J 4
9 7 4 2
J 6
K J T 7 2
K 3
A K 2
Q 8 5 2
T 9 8 5
I put the dummy down with a sheepish "I upgraded a few things" hoping for the best. 10 tricks.


  1. Goes to show how fatuous doubling a transfer with KJxxx is. Do you even want a Diamond lead anyway? I wouldn't have thought so.
    Obviously their partner knew it could be on this rubbish as well since they didn't even compete to 3D (or better, 2S on the way) with Axx

    Achieved nothing except giving the opponents valuable inference.

    Hope everyone is okay in the earthquake aftermath.

  2. Heard about the earthquake and thought of you. Hope everything is okay your way.