21 December 2010

Christmas parties and fun bridge

My club like I suspect every other in the Christmas celebrating world is in the process of recognizing the festive season. The party starts with prize giving then moves on to playing about 16 boards of 'fun bridge' in place of the normal 26 boards of 'not fun bridge'. Finally the plates of food brought by all are consumed. Often the extroverted club members dress up as Santa or an elf to keep the mood up.

If 'not fun bridge' sounds wrong well it should. Bridge is fun. That's why we turn up week after week and match our brains against the cards and the opponents. I enjoy playing clubs as the highest suit, 3 minutes per board, aces low, individual competitions etc... They are fun but so is the game we know. Call it 'silly bridge' or 'crazy bridge' or name it by its deviation from the standard rules, just steer away from names that imply that the game we love isn't fun.

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  1. I love Xmas parties and it is my most favorite day of entire year. We celebrate our day at home and outdoors as well. This year we had a wonderful family lunch party at one of best venues in Chicago and for dinner we had hosted a fantastic party at our backyard. Completely enjoyed this day.