29 August 2012

Unlikely Destination

Lack of updates has become a common theme on ToyBridge lately but when this hand came up I knew I had some great material. I was playing pairs and since it was board 13 everyone was vulnerable.

Partner, West, started off with 1 which gave me the impression that he had 5 of them and opening values. North passed which presumably denied a bid. These assumptions will turn out to be false.

Still I held:
Q J 8 3
5 3
Q T 9 8 3 2

and the action obvious to me was to bid game in hearts. There's a good chance it'll make and even if it doesn't 3 may well make and opponents may misjudge whether or not to bid 4.

Another thing I didn't know at the time is that South now had a penalty double available. The axe slammed into 4 with a wet thump causing everybody to wince a little. Not to worry though as the double was pulled to 4.

1 Pass 4 X
Pass 4 ?

I'll admit I'm embarrased at how long I thought here, there's no way I have anything more to contribute to this auction. South was visibly distraught that her penalty double hadn't stuck but trying to make the best of a bad situation bid 5.

And that's where it ended.
K J 9 8 7 4 3
9 7 6 2
A Q T 5
T 9 4 2
K Q J 4
Q J 8 3
5 3
Q T 9 8 3 2
A K 6 5
A T 8
A K J 6 5


  1. Unfortunately they no longer update the site, otherwise this article would fit well at http://www.poorbridge.com/.

    I guess no double was needed to a decent score.

  2. North's pull of the table-thumping double surely indicated that spades would be a very playable strain. Possibly North needed to slam 4S on the table, though. I think you should have informed North-South of the inferences to be drawn from their methods, and which would have allowed South to pass 4S ;)

  3. @Paul
    The demise of poorbridge was a tragedy felt by us all but I'm flattered you think my contribution worthy.

    Indeed no double was required. At one table 4H doubled went for 1400 and even that didn't earn NS a top.

    You can imagine the follow up questions:
    "What are your agreements regarding your partners coffee spilling 4S?",
    "A very playable but only semi-solid suit - he has to break the table to show more".