19 June 2012

Making 3NT - the answer

This is the answer to the question posted a few days ago. If you haven't read the problem go here to take a look.

As AA will tell us, the first step is admitting you have a problem. With 29 combined points and every suit double stopped it's hard to believe this contract is vulnerable. As a few people suggested the danger is this:

A Q 8
K 9
A J 8 4 3
K 8 7 4 3
J 9 5 4 3
A 7
9 6
T 8 6 5 4
K 9 7 6 2
A 5 2
K T 6 2
Q J 3 2

Against this layout if you play a club before a diamond you go down. Whether you take the club finesse or lead small from the table East will win the first round, fire a spade through and you cannot uncook your goose.


  1. I like your play on words.

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    1. You still win if you play a club to the Q.

      East takes his K, fires back a spade (best).
      You duck. West continues S (best).
      You play T of C, AD of H, AJ of C and West is squeezed.
      With 4 cards left he must come to S K, H Jx and D A.
      You cannot be fooled because you have the count in H.
      You play a D and even if the D A is with East you still win.

      However the line is not 100 % because the H could be xx or Jxx with West and you would have to guess at the end.

      The best line which is 100% is a D to the Q and play on Clubs when ducked.