09 December 2011

Awful things happen (R18)

This post is unsuitable for those under the ages of 18, infirm or of delicate constitution. Reader discretion is advised.

If you're still here then you've admitted that you want to see horrible things.

Vul: EW
Dealer: West
Q T 9 8 7 5
A K 8 2
T 3
Q T 7 6 5
7 5
A J 8 6
A 4 3 2
9 8 2
Q 6 4 3
A K J 4
J T 9
9 7 5 4 2

West kicked off the auction with 1. Presumably one of those sevens looked like a King the first time.

North with a weak jump overcall available decided that if two was good then three was better. 3♠.

East having heard their partner open at the one level figured a bad 11 count was worth a vulnerable game (we are playing match points after all) and bid 4

South stared into their crystal ball and then at the vulnerability. Finally, under no duress, deciding that +200 wasn't going to be any consolation when +420 was available and so bid 4♠.

To recap:

1 3 4 4

Passed back to East who made the only good decision by doubling.

After cashing two clubs though East played a diamond letting declarer escape just one trick short.

There's no way I'm telling you which seat I was in.


  1. Perhaps sad to say, but I agree with East's decision to open. The hearts are a little ragged, the points are outside his suit and the jacks look dubious. Still a reasonable opener ...

    3S is a bit much, but white against red, I can go along with it.

    Under pressure, 4H is acceptable. What can I say? Preempts work.

    The only bid I don't agree with is South's. I think he should double for penalties. Partner was weak to begin with, and since I am short partner's 7-card (3S!) suit, the opponents must be 3-2 in spades. An easy double.

    That probably means that you were sitting South :)

  2. I'm picking you were West. That makes Timmy the Shoe East if this is from Thursday night. It only remains to pick the criminals sitting NS. My guess is a certain "H" mother/son combination involving a large bottom lip and a lot of one-way bickering across the table...

  3. I have no problems with W opening 1H if that is their style. I don't agree with the 3S jump - the hand is too strong with the defensive tricks in diamonds, I would bid 1S, then partner can confidently double them later in the auction knowing N has defensive values. East decision to bid 4H is borderline, but somewhat defensible vul vs. non at MP's. I don't agree with South's bid - I think they should pass since they have a chance to defeat it, but shouldn't double as they can't count on partner for the defensive tricks (they could have 7 to the KQJ and out for their bid or worse at this vul.) and their JH is probably not sitting right.