18 November 2011

Six four bid less than this

In this tale of over excitement in the auction I was fortunately on the right side. It wasn't me who held the 6 - 4 shape. My hand was a more sedate 5 - 4, something like this:

A 7 5 4
J 8
A 5
A Q J 8 2

Eschewing a strong no trump I started the auction with 1 hoping to mention both my suits at the 1 level. When the next hand passed my partner responded 1 which counter intuitively shows diamonds1 (could be a bal 6-9) and denied a major. A double on my right completed the first round.

- - 1 Pass
1* X

At this point I have to admit I was a bit of a coward because I bid 2. If partner has 10 highs we'll find our game and if not our ability to stop the heart suit is questionable. Anyway, with at least 8 hearts out I bet I'll get another turn.

Lefty after passing smoothly a round earlier now went into a huddle. Much time passed and then somehow 4 appeared on the bidding pad. I had a sneaking suspicion that this contract might be a stretch and had the axe ready when two passes brought the auction back to me. Fortunately for all concerned the axe head remained in place as it was swung and no bystanders were injured2.

- - 1 Pass
1* X 2 4
Pass Pass X End

K J 2
K Q 4
Q 9 4 2
K 6 5
Q 9 6
A 7
K J T 7 6 3
9 4
A 7 5 4
J 8
A 5
A Q J 8 2
T 8 3
T 9 6 5 3 2
T 7 3

That bad.

Partner led a club then ruffed the third round. We started on diamonds and declarer ruffed round two. A heart saw my partner in again and a third round of the red pointies gave me the J. Finally a spade trick completed the sticks and circles.

  1. I'll blog this system soon.
  2. I was there!

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  1. Not to minimize the freak injury or anything ... but there were 100 people watching a "tree-cutting" event?

    Dearth of entertainment options, eh?