09 November 2011

The points don't tell the story

What if I told you that North/South have a combined 26 points with a nine card fit, but can't make game. East/West have the remaining 14 points and yet game is cold.

Anyone can place key cards off side you say. All the EW points are in KJ holdings placed carefully over the poor NS tenaces.

Nope, not a single finesse on this hand.

Voids! There must be voids EW.

No one has a void. In fact no one has ten cards in two suits and EW have only one Ace.

A 7 6
K Q 9 8
A Q 9 5 3
J T 9 2
K 8 7 3
J T 6 2
K Q 4
A T 9 6 4 2
T 7 4
8 5 3
J 5
A 7 5 3
K J 6 2

See, no finesse fails and there's no extreme shapes. It's not even one of those problems where then tens hold all the power. Swap any ten to any hand and there's no difference.

Yet, any player who has learnt to draw trumps (stopping at 13) will bring in 4.

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