06 October 2011

Partner punishing

It's something we all do from time to time. Make a bid or play that seems (to us) to be reasonable. A play that partner "should be able to work out". Back in the real world partner hasn't a chance of doing the right thing and you're going to grump at them when they don't.

Here's a typical example from last week:
Vul: All
Dealer: West
A Q 8 6 5 4
T 8
8 6 5
J 9
K J T 3
A 5
9 4 2
A T 8 2
7 2
Q J 9 7 4 2
K Q 6 4 3
K 6 3
A K Q J T 7 3
7 5

1 1 2 ?

The auction started without issue. The Intermediate player sitting North bid 1 because they play intermediate jumps. I figured I had to start with one of my suits then the expert South came out with a wonder bid.


When I asked him later he explained his hope that North might bid 3NT with a club stop.


1 1 2 3
Pass 3 4 4
Pass Pass 4 X
5 Pass Pass X
Pass Pass Pass

The rest of the auction continued as you might expect. North was forced to repeat her suit. I bid at every opportunity. South found a suit to bid. Partner pulled me out of a doubled making game. To another doubled making game.

Normal stuff.

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