18 September 2011

Roll call

It seems I've been quite remiss. No where on this site except for the occasional mention in a post have I linked to any of the wonderful bridge sites and blogs that I visit each week. The list will now be appearing permanently on the main page but I'll blab on a little about each one here. Without further ado, my official bridge reading list:

Bridge Blogging
If you're here you probably already know bridge blogging because a significant portion of my traffic comes via there. Bridge blogging is a key reference point for all things bridge. They have many writers and supplement them with syndications from dozens of other blogs. Through bridge blogging I've found many other blogs, sites and people that I now follow.

The Beer Card
Paul's site is regularly updated and covers lots of material: hands, trials, selections, major events etc... Always something new.

Justin Lall
Justin is a US pro who writes a blog about how he sees the game. Often technical but always engaging.

Howard Bigot Johnson
Go read. You'll see.

Robin's Bridge Blog
Not updated very often but Robin's page is mostly systems discussions along with some hands and problems.

The Gargoyle Chronicles
Phillip Martin's bridge blog is a great experience. He plays tournaments against his computer and analyses each deal in turn with an experts eye. Anyone wanting to sharpen their game should read, study and understand; expert opinion on such a varied set of problems is hard to find.

RP Bridge
One of the most comprehensive bridge sites on the net. Go check it out. I'll wait.
No you're not, there's years worth of reading material in there. I especially like the play and bidding challenges, even though they're no longer run the back catalog is available to humble those of us who like to think we know the game.

Bridge hands
It's a massive site and there's hundreds of places I've yet to explore. I mainly use them for when I want to know that the chances of picking up 24 high card points is 0.06%.

These are sites that I would happily include in my list if only their authors would come back and write some more excellent material.

The Imp Chimp
Sataj has analysed some nice situations and provided some insight into how professionals think. It makes good reading but seems unfini

Poor bridge
Very few bridge sites leave me with tears in my eyes. It was dangerous to read in a quiet room lest an impossible to contain outburst of laughter should spring off the pages.
Sadly I cannot find a working link for any poorbridge articles, if anyone does know a source or has an offline archive please get in contact with me.


  1. Wow, that Howard Bigot-Johnson blog is a gem in the rough. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. @Nick, who are you calling a rough? ;)

  3. Hey, you're part of my bridge bookmarks, not my amusement bookmarks. I wouldn't want to lump you in with The Bloggess and reddit ;)