13 August 2011

The play goes perfectly

Sometimes declarer play feels so easy you wonder why it was ever considered a problem...
A Q 4 3 2
K 8 5
9 7 6 2
T 8 7 5
6 5 3
Q 9 7 6 3
K 6
A 9 8
A T 4 2
A 8 5 3
J 9
Q J T 7 4 2
K J T 4

I'm playing in 1NT. My partner opened 1, I bid a semi-forcing NT and nobody touched it. The lead was the 6 and on seeing dummy I wished we were in 2.

Small off the dummy and my Jack beats the Ten. Well that could have been worse, presumably West has the AQ to 5 or 6. I lead a heart to the table intending to play on spades next trick but East wins the Ace. That seems wrong...

Back comes a medium club, maybe it was the 8. Hmmm if West has AQ to 5 or 6 and the A then surely they would have bid 2. K dropping the Q! Run the hearts pitching four spades and a club off dummy then throw East in with the A to make 10 tricks. Easy game!

Now for something completely different. Gerber is a dangerous convention and a little while ago got the pleasure of watching this auction from the safety of the North hand:

1 Pass 3 Pass
4 Pass 5 Pass

You can see the accident coming right? I tried not to wince.

1 Pass 3 Pass
4 Pass 5 Pass

There it is. Teachers, talk to your students about Gerber before someone else does.

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