01 August 2011

How do you bid this?

Before I give you the bidding problem it was pointed out that the hand I used as an example last post actually had a really interesting feature. Here it is again:

A J 4 3 2
A 8 3
K T 8 3
K 9 8 5
K Q J 2
Q 8
A 9 5

What contract would you most like to be in? What about if you swap the J for the Q? Make a difference?

The point is the 4-3 heart fit is likely to be worth 12 tricks whereas the 5-4 spade fit can only ever make 11. Looks like a suitable hand for a bidding challenge. Can anyone think of a safe, sane and consensual auction to reach 6?

Anyway on to the bidding challenge (which by reading this you undertake to answer in the comments below):

A J 9
K T 6 3 2
Q 8 4
9 5

You're playing IMPs, you're the dealer, the vulnerability is nil and your opponents pass throughout. You pass in first seat and hear your partner open 1. Your bid?


  1. My bid is 2C, Reverse Drury showing at least 3-card support. If partner bids 2D saying he has a full opener, then I'll bid 2H.

    On the first hand, maybe some relay system could do it, if East could find out West's whole hand and then place the contract. Most systems have no provision for getting out of a 5-4 major suit fit into a 4-3 fit; on hands like this you just pay off.

  2. I agree with David. Even when playing ACOL I'll support on a good 3card suit.

  3. 2C reverse drury from me as well.

  4. Hooray, well done all.
    The trap is to bid 2H before supporting which might go well some of the time but when partner has a relatively minimum distributional opener like:
    They might pass when 4S has good prospects.