16 June 2011

Quick tricks

In the years before my parents were born bidding was based on quick tricks. Ace one, KQ one and King half.

Times have moved on and we all like to feel superior with our Milton works point count. While I'm on the subject of both counting points and my parents; they own a book on the "The Crane System". It was written by Joshua Crane, published in 1937 and details his system using the 4321 point count. It's full of wonderful sentences like
"If your partner shows a TWELVE hand by an opening bid, and you hold an EIGHT hand, you stand to make TWO ODD at least, if you agree on a trump."
Just imagine if we could all write like that. Where was I? Ancient History. Quick Tricks. And weak no trump openings on 11 points.

Lots of things get recommended about when to open a 12-14 NT without the officially sanctioned values. The one I've come to dislike is "Look, I have 3 tens". All very well but, unless they're in suits like AJT9x or KQTx, probably worth zero tricks. Remember when partner puts down a 5 count you'll have only tenuous control of the hand.

Me, I like tricks. Ace, Ace, King, over easy or fried hard I'll open 1NT.

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  1. Hi there, I'm not one for bidding just because I have 12HCP, but if there's substance to my long suit, or 10s and 9's to bolster my 4 card suit then I bidding/opening on what I would call a chunky 11.
    My maxim is to get into the bidding early, but only if you have an honest rebid available. After that you shut up, or sign off in partner's suit, to show a minimum hand.
    So much of Acol is down to the mood you're in at the time.
    Yous HBJ