27 June 2011

It gets better

Every so often I find myself in an auction in which everything goes my way. Then it gets better. This is a good example that happened recently; of course, like all the really fun auctions, I'm green against red:
Q J 8 3
Q 5
K J T 5
T 5 3

Pass 1 2 ?

What initially seemed like a dull hand has suddenly come alive. It looks like we're going to get a juicy penalty. I hope partner is well trained enough to double back in. Pass.
Pass 1 2 Pass
Pass X

Hooray, we're going do such nasty things to 2 they won't overcall again for the rest of the match! About to make my triumphant pass...

Pass 1 2 Pass
Pass X 3!

Whoa! I can't penalize 2 anymore? How upsetting.

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  1. Just love your blogs.....great little stories. All interesting to read. Yours HBJ