05 May 2011

The whole nine spades

It's been almost exactly a year since I last picked up a nine card suit. In the PABF 2010 I picked up two in the space of three boards. There's nothing quite like that excitement when you first fan your hand and see so many the same. Then you count them, lose count half way through, count them again finally dividing them into three groups of three just to be sure.

Here's the hand I picked up this week:
Which one of these is longer and blacker?
Be honest.

A K Q T 9 6 5 4 2
K 9 7

Partner opened 1, 8 - 11. Fortunately we've discussed strong jump shifts so I can respond 2. It's a shame really, if only my red suits had been swapped it would have been a glorious Bacon Torpedo. Sadly not to be.

Anyway, in an attempt to play somewhere that wasn't spades partner bid 2NT. I thought I give him some hope with 3. When he raised clubs I faffed about for a while before tendering for twelve tricks. Partner deposited this welcome collection on the table and no IMPs were traded.
K Q 9 5
T 5 4 2
A 5 4 2

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