19 May 2011

Some boards just swing

Say you pick up:

K Q 8 7
K J T 9 8 2
9 8 3
at all-vul, IMPs. Your partner who dealt opens 2NT which shows both minors and values of ghastly or better. The opponents dither about eventually bidding up to 4 without much confidence. You double and they scamper out to 4NT. Ha! That's probably going to play worse, double again! -810. Unlucky.

4 was down 3 at best. Heading back to score up you're hoping that you can gloss over this one quietly. After all you bid the edgy slam that made and won a good part score battle. You might still be in front and team mates are never so angry when you win. Turns out this board was your biggest pickup. Have a look at all four hands:

Vul: All
Dealer: North
J 6 2
9 8 6 5 4
K J 8 4 2
A 7 5 4 3
A K Q J 7 3
A T 9 5 3
Q 6
T 2
A Q 7 5
K Q 8 7
K J T 9 8 2
9 8 3
Ghastly is the nicest word for the North hand I could find. Anyway at the other table North passed and East got to start: 2, 12 - 14 unbalanced (mind and distribution). Now South shouldn't overcall here, but sometimes we all do things we shouldn't. West had no doubt about the suitability of a 3 contract and doubled to finish the auction.

A diamond lead started the force, declarer exited in spades which was followed by a spade ruff. A club to the Q allowed a second spade ruff before a return to diamonds shortened declarer to four trumps. Getting fidgety declarer dreamed of the Q being unsupported; the Ace felled the King but not the Queen and another Diamond came back. Resigned to a disaster declarer gave up to the Q conceding a third spade ruff then ruffing the diamond return. East was left with the A and a small spade taking the final 2 tricks +1400.

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  1. I do love your style of writing and presentation. You deserve a much bigger following. The problem I guess is that there are TOO MANY BRIDGE BLOGS OUT THERE TO READ, leaving so little time to engage in comment and dialogue. Keep the faith that people do read your lovely posts. I certainly do. Yours HBJ.