01 May 2011

Passing it on

Tomorrow night I'm taking part in an initiative started by my club to get new people into the game. At the start of the year a couple of club members went down to the local university on clubs day and set up a table. By the end of the day they had a list of nearly 30 students who were interested in free bridge lessons.

One major earthquake, 3 months and a venue change later we're ready to deliver. The original 30 has narrowed down to 4 - 6 tables but that number of fresh new faces to the game would be a success. I'll be teaching them Acol because that's how we do things in Christchurch. The goal for the first night will be to have them playing some cards, opening some 1NTs and getting to know all the others in the class.

This will be the first class I've run, though I've sat in on another. Any tips (or awful bridge jokes) from other teachers (or humorous folk) would be most welcome. I'll update here a every so often on the classes progress in addition to my normal ramblings.


  1. HBJ : Seems an eminently sensible idea, I'll put that as a proposal to my committee. Tx

  2. We had a guy do that in our area a lot of years ago, before teaching became popular. I do remember the main thing he did was mostly keep it simple, keep the lesson SHORT each time, and then let us have fun playing a lot.
    OK to have a couple of premade hands to start with, but be sure to let them have fun, deal a few hands, and most important to kids, kibitz, talk, joke, and enjoy themselves.