04 April 2011

What suits?

There seems to be a new fashion at my bridge club; a new style of bidding is taking hold. I don't know who the preacher is, but they've attracted quite a following. It seems that suits are no longer important! Imagine you witness the following auction:
Your partner enquires before making his lead and gets told that 2 was a normal Acol game force. 2 showed 10 - 12 high card points. 4 was Gerber and one ace sufficient for 6NT. This drifted 2 off and was followed by some instructional counting proving, among other things, that 8 is not in the range 10 - 12. A little later in the night I observed something similar
2NT I was informed showed 3 controls, Ace two, King one. This contract made but one can't help but think that when the 9 card club fit makes grand comfortably one would at least want know it existed. I don't like to dwell on the lunacies of anyone but myself here but these systems deserve special mention.

What follows can only be an adoption of the Stag Homequest system as described on PoorBridge (6th on the page).