29 March 2011

Not the expected auction

If everyone plays the same system the auction at every table will be the same won't it? I've heard this often from new players after getting their first taste of structured bidding. There's no good way to answer the question, I shrug and say something weak like "If we were all perfect you'd be correct". Ponder this hand from a week ago:
Vul: NS
Dealer: South
A Q 8 6 2
A 3
Q 7 5 4 2
A 6 5 3 2
A K J T 9 8
J 7 4
K J 9 7 4
6 3
K T 9 3
K 9 7 6 5 4 2
Q 8
It's the sort of hand that's likely to create swings. Dream up what you think might be a normal auction then consider what happened at my table.

PassThere were people that opened my hand 1, 2, 3 or 4 but with four good spades I opted to pass. If forced I'll pick 1.
PassMaybe there was an Ace on the floor or he had some clubs in with his spade.
1It's an endless debate and my partners on the 1 side. I don't have a problem with the principle but it's going to go wrong here.
1Maybe not a standard action but not bad, definitely the least contentious action so far. West must be twitching at this point, after forgetting to open his big 6-5 shape everyone's bidding it for him.
1Finally someone has to own up to a major and it may as well be me.
5Ah there's that Ace.
PassBet you wish you opened 1 now huh.
PassA little shell shocked.
5Why me? If they have a 10 card fit we must have a 9 card fit somewhere. I'm pretty sure it isn't clubs and I'm on a guess in the majors.
All passAny takers?
The lead has to be a heart to beat 5. West made the understandable error of cashing the K to have a look at dummy. If you're unlucky enough to catch a heart lead duck it, if West automatically continues you're in!

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