08 March 2011

A new challange*

I was sitting at the bridge table a couple of weeks ago and came up with something brilliant*. Why not take two great games, bridge and yahtzee and combine them into one beautiful challenge.
For those not familiar with yahtzee it's a dice game. You roll five dice then choose a category like "3s" and you'd get three points for each three rolled, or four of a kind and you'd get the face value for any dice involved in a set of four. Here's the important part though, once you've used a category you can't use it again. So only once can you call something a full house.

What about a bridge event of 20 boards where you're allowed 20 bids. You can use them when you'd like but if you run out that's it. For further enjoyment* you could limit individual bids, 2x1, 3x1NT, 2x2 etc... Imagine picking up this hand and listening to partner open 1:
x x
A x
Q J x x
A x x x x
If you've only got one 2 bid left it might be wise to respond 2 lest you hold a gameforce sometime later. On the other hand the auction is likely to end in either 3, 3NT or 4 so maybe you should just pick one now to preserve bids for both you and your partner.

Further development and investigation is required to fine tune the bids available per board. Doubles are likely exempted otherwise seeing you bid a fine slam with your last bid the opponents could greedily sacrifice undoubled - but then, you might have bid the slam in fewer calls.

*For some definitions.

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  1. I like it, but have you read my idea for ultimate bridge? There are some similarities. Yours HBJ