02 March 2011

Bridge in the meantime

The Christchurch Bridge Club is broken. There some cracks in the masonry, a couple of doors won't open because the building is resting on them and the carpark has rippled and blistered. I'm not even allowed to go there and take pictures to post showing you how broken it is.

This is a photo I took on the day of the earthquake of a major road less than a block from the bridge club. For those who know Christchurch this is Fitzgerald Ave between Kilmore and Bealey. If one of those cracks goes under your building it's stuffed regardless of how well it was built.

Anyway what I'm trying to get to is I've been playing bridge against Jack (v3.01 - the ancient edition). It's always an experience playing bridge against a robot. I waiver between trying to control the machine and getting frustrated because that's not how you play bridge and actually playing seriously. Every so often though it makes a catastrophic blunder to ensure it's mechanical nature isn't in doubt.
The little 1 and 2 by the doubles would say "Penalty double" if I waved the mouse at them.

1 comment:

  1. That is some picture....one that makes you feel the only certainty in life is uncertainty. We need to predict the unpredictable and at least try to put together buildings that can withstand all but the most severe earthquakes.
    I do hope the bridge club can acquire new premises albeit rented ones to enable some normality to return to lives of people, so badly affected by this tragedy.
    Yours HBJ.