07 February 2011

A big two suiter.

What's the biggest hand you've ever picked up? I've been unlucky in these stakes, the highest point count I've ever held was 26. Still worse there wasn't a makeable game. In terms of playing strength the hand I picked up last Thursday gets pretty close:
A K Q T 7
Q 7
A K Q T 8 5
I was glad to be fourth in hand. It gave me lots of time to take in the beauty of those black suits. Righto, what's everyone else been up to? (1) - Pass - (Pass), that's not exciting. Because I come from Christchurch I've agreed to play "Spade Michaels" which is the same as the Michaels convention the rest of the world plays but it guarantees the highest unbid suit. 2 - (Pass) - 2 - (Pass), interesting. Partners failure to bid 2 surely denies 3 spades which is excellent because it increases the chances of clubs, means I can ruff a spade and doesn't steal the contract.

An Italian black two suiter
It's worth pointing out here that I'm not playing with a regular partner and we haven't had enough discussion about competitive auctions. I do however know of one convention I can rely on, Blackwood. 4NT key card in hearts. If partner has none I can pass the 5 which gets me style points and with 1 I'll bid 6 and take my 2/3 chance it's not the A. Partner showed one, I bid 6 and everyone fell silent.

Vul: All
Dealer: West
9 2
A T 5 4 3 2
6 4
J 7 6
J 8 6
J 6
A K Q J 8 3
9 4
5 4 3
K 9 8
T 9 7 5 2
3 2
A K Q T 7
Q 7
A K Q T 8 5

6 plays itself. I saw one matchpoint "genius" in 6 which is cold but they couldn't untangle it and fell short.


  1. Three or four years ago on a club night I picked up:

    I'm serious.
    For better or worse (worse I'd say) I opened 7S in first seat, sent back the double and wrapped up +2240 NV
    Partner even had the QD

  2. Jim thats only an 18-count. Honestly. I pick those up every day. Lol

  3. HBJ here : How anyone could make 6H on the layout defies logic. Whether you run the queen or lead up to it, there's only one heart loser.If entries to dummy get desperate then a finesse on clubs also works, not to mention a spade ruff. Yours HBJ