10 January 2011

More sacrificial mayhem

Three times in the last session I played my partner passed the first round or two of the auction then with the slightest provocation jumped gleefully to the 4 or 5 level. It was a bit scary. None were more spectacular than when he attempted a nil-vul sacrifice holding:

T 3
A J 9 8 2
J T 9 5 4 3
The auction went like this:
Partner East Me West
Pass1 1 2 2
Pass2 43 Pass Pass
4NT X4 5 Pass
Pass X5 Allpass
1: We don't have an opening for this sort of hand so what else is there to do?
2: This auction is basically forcing, you never pass them out in 2 at pairs.
3: Bid confidently and without a moments hesitation.
4: Clearly penalties. I love these doubles they always make me smile inside.
5: Doubled the last contract, gonna double this one!

If you think partners void in trumps meant I might have a few you could be onto something. If you think that he might be holding an Ace too many for a sacrifice opposite a two level overcall you are onto something. I completely thwarted his attempts at sacrifice by holding:

T 3
A J 9 8 2
J T 9 5 4 3
Q J 6 5
K 9 4
K T 5 3
8 6
A K T 9 7 4 3
Q 7 2
K 7
8 2
A J 8 6 5
Q 6 4
A Q 2
Not only has he jumped against a non-making game but the contract we've bid puts most freezers to shame. This sacrificing thing is clearly harder than it's made out to be.

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