20 October 2010


This is my favourite sort of contract to make. Inferior and most likely doomed yet can sneak in if the defence aren't as vigilant as teams bridge requires.

Vul: Nil
Dealer: South
HA 9 7 4 2
DK Q J 3
CQ 8 3 2
S7 6 5
HK Q T 8
DT 8
CK 9 6 5
SA Q 8 4 2
H6 5 3
DA 6
CJ T 4
SK J T 9 3
D9 7 5 4 2
CA 7

I opened 2S as south showing 9 - 12 highs and 5 or 6 spades. Nobody else contributed so west led the HQ. Hands like this cry out for elopement, when there's some entries to dummy, few tricks and no real hope of drawing trumps the secret is to make as many trumps as possible. Hopefully by the time the defence know what's happening you'll have run off with all the little ones.

So I won the lead, ruffed a heart and played a small club out of hand. The west defender didn't think enough about what was happening and ducked allowing my Queen to score. Another heart was ruffed, I cashed the CA and exited a diamond East winning. East could think of nothing better than another club so I ruffed, crossed to the diamond and ruffed a second club. I've made the AH, QC, AC, KD, four ruffs and while it's tempting to continue playing for more East now has nothing but trumps left and can hardly fail to cash the Ace at the first opportunity, I put my remaining cards away and write down +110 and +4 Imps

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