27 October 2010


I have two puzzles for you today. Both hands came up in the session I played last night and in both cases I didn't hold the hand that I'm going to give you. This is great because if you come up with something brilliant you can't show me up =)

The first is a bidding problem, you pick up the following collection in fourth seat unfavourable:

SA Q T x x x
Dx x x

Two passes are followed by a 1S on your right. Yep, 1S. You maintain calm and produce a perfect in tempo pass and the auction proceeds like this:

(/) / (1S) /
(/) X (2D) ?

Wish you weren't here right now don't you?

The second problem is a lead problem, the auction proceeds like this:

(/) / (1H) /
(1S) / (3D) /
(4H) / (6H) all pass
and you have to lead from this collection:

ST 9 6 5
DK Q 5 2
CA T 7 4


  1. What is the vulnerability on hand 1?

    Pass seems obvious, but maybe if you tell me an interesting vulnerability scenario you might talk me into bidding ...

  2. My apologies, you're red they're green. I've updated the post.

  3. I still think pass. Can't see us getting a plus score in any other fashion.

    2nd choice goes to the mastermind bid of 3C. Might be able to grab a few tricks before they get the idea to switch to trumps...