25 September 2012

This keeps happening...

The following hand has some interesting possibilities:

A T 9 5 2
Q 9 6 4 3
Q 4

Nice shape but the suit quality lets it down. The short honours in the minors will be worth almost nothing most of the time and absolutely nothing the rest.

Still when partner opens 1NT it's worth driving to game in a major. Playing a hoopless* system I can transfer to spades then rebid 4 and expect to be in the right spot. However the auction took a bit of a turn.

My heart transfer was doubled by someone playing a hoopy system where double shows either lead directional in hearts or a penalty double of 1NT. Not a bad idea in principle.

My partners pass denied any interest in spades. Right hand opponent, who had been dealt a hand without any interesting possibilities, and who hadn't been consulted on this new treatment of double, also passed. Which left me in the pass out seat of 2 doubled when my intention had been to bid 4.

Making 5, +770
Q 7
A J 8 7
A 9 7 4
K 6 3
A 8 2
K 9 6
K Q 8 2
J 8 4
7 5
T 5 3 2
T 6 5 3
A T 9 5 2
Q 9 6 4 3
Q 4

*Lacking in hoops one must jump through to show a hand. No relation to hopeless.

1 comment:

  1. Texas transfers are not very common in the UK, so many here would bid four diamonds to show 5-5 majors without slam interest.

    However this would probably not get doubled.