03 December 2010

That sort of hand

Everyone has them. That particular sort of hand that gives them a glint in their eye and forces them to bid on despite all the bridge reasons not to. The most exciting auctions happen when two or more players pick up these hands. Chaos, irritated partners and great transfer of ego ensues. Here's one where I'm not blameless.

Vul: Nil
Dealer: West
T 9 7 6 5
7 5
A K 7 6
A Q T 9 2
8 4 2
K 8 4
J 8 4 3 2
Q J T 9 5 3
K J 8 6 3
A T 9 7 6 3 2

Here's an auction that both sides regret. Starting with me sitting south (and there's a normal table at the bottom if you get lost).

1Wow! Look at this shape, it's amazing, I'm going to bid lots.
1NT  Nothing exciting here, move along.
X Haha we've got them lets double stuff!
2 1NT ain't right but I have loads of shape so
there must be lots of tricks in suits for us.
2 Another chance to bid? let me at it!
/ Wasn't expecting 2 but can't say I hate it.
2 I was going to double 2, why no flurry of red cards? *sigh*
3 Why didn't I bid spades the first time so now I could get
preference. Shrug past is past and they didn't double 2!
3 Must. Bid. More.
/ Worried my delight is becoming obvious.
5 Guess doubling is out of fashion but if
partner really has the hand he's shown....
5 Ethically ignoring his partner visibly salivating over the fate of 5.
/ Partner wanted to double 2 and 3 I suppose I could let him double 5.
/ Why me?
X You mean all this time you were building it up so I
could do it at the 5 level, aww you guys are the best.
/ Did I really just bid 5??
/ *sniff* There's no more bidding.
/ Thinking up suitable comment for putting this dummy down.

MeNot MePartnerNot Partner

Can we learn anything from this? I think so. It's always good to have a plan when bidding but it's always bad to stick to it when the auction in front of you is so clearly not normal. I can't quite believe I bid 3; as a very wise man once said to me: "just pass man".

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  1. Yet another lovely post. Amusing, instructive and highly readable. Well done...let's have more of the same ( reactions and thoughts to bids made and received ). Yours HBJ